I take on smaller timberframe projects — from woodsheds to additions — but not houses and barns. I enjoy timberframing now and then but I'd rather focus on preserving old barns and timberframed outbuildings. My jobs generally entail one of the following:

New Frame — New Wood

Traditionally joined oak timbers, fastened with hardwood pegs. The woodshed is a simple example of this, and the scissors truss takes it in the other direction.

New Frame — Recycled Wood

I haven't had much demand for this, but it is a way to introduce timberframing to newer construction and have it appear as if it's been there for ages. The Upper Makefield project was a timberframed great room, enveloped in conventional framing. The look was carried through into the adjoining kitchen with mock summer beam and floor joists.

Old Frame

Over the years I've relocated perhaps a dozen frames, including two for myself. I've also been called upon to put together frames dismantled by someone else. In these cases, the frame pieces were either marked poorly, or not at all. Drawings, sketches and photos did not come along with the frames either, so quite a bit of detective work was involved before raising day.