Brian Murphy Barn Restorations, Inc. provide you with a broad range of restorative services:

  • Structural and foundation repairs on timberframed barns, houses and outbuildings
  • Repointing stone work
  • Barn inspections
  • Residing
  • Building Dutch, sliding or large swinging doors using period hardware

Custom Design Renovations

Some customers want to save or safely maintain the structure of their vintage barns.By preserving the barns, they add value to their property and integrity to the landscape.

Others want to transform their barns into usable spaces, such as:

  • Studio
  • Workshop
  • Garage
  • Recreation Room
  • Office

As our work is involved in the structures themselves, we do not get involved in the conversion process, but can make the building ready for one.

Who Uses Our Restoration Services?

Realtors, Historical Societies, Insurance Agents, Preservation Groups, Architects, Farmers, or Any Individuals with Vintage Barns.