Brian Murphy Barn Restorations


After graduating from college in 1973, I immediately started into carpentry, framing and trimming custom Colonial houses in Doylestown, PA. One feature of these houses was a family room with decorative timberframing. After the walls had been sheetrocked, a pile of timbers was dropped off by the local sawmill, and a ceiling system, complete with summer beam and joists was installed by us. I had never seen anything like this before, but I really enjoyed the look and feel of the rough timbers.

At that point I researched timberframing, found some books on the subject, and read up. In 1980 I had the opportunity to build my own house, and built my first timberframe, following plans based on an old New England saltbox.

I gradually found my way into barn work, and have since completed projects ranging from total structural and aesthetic makeovers to dismantling and relocating barns. Restoring barns is the type of work I've grown to prefer, although I generally get involved in some new timberframing project every year or so, which keeps my timberframing skills from getting rusty.

I work mainly in Bucks and surrounding counties, although I will travel for consulting work, once having traveled to Cumberland Island, Georgia to advise on repairs to a barn there. I am often called in for consultations by realtors who are in the process of selling a property but have found that a barn located there is an unknown as far as condition, and that it is impeding the sale.